Perfect way of pronouncing the names of designers

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High class sophisticated brands are for glamorous people. The exclusive brands have iconic names mainly originating from a language different than American English.

That is why sometimes the names are not easy to pronounce. Even if we figure out the spelling but we generally mess with the pronunciation for sure. There are a lot of brand names that are pronounced wrongly worldwide no matter how concerned people are with fashion.

If you adore the brands and pronounce it incorrectly then it is quite embarrassing. People may have fun watching someone pronouncing the names of designers differently but when it happens with them the situation turns out bitter.

Needs of Pronouncing The Names Of Designers


When you pose like a fashion aficionado you have to act like one. You cannot ignore something like mispronouncing the names of the famous brands in front of the crowd. That might ruin your image you have made as a fashion monger. Well not worry about the names any more.

The names that are quite prevalent in the fashion world are correctly pronounced below.

• Anna Sui when pronounced Ah-na-su-ee is wrong. It must be uttered as Ah-na-swee.

• Badgley Mishcka is pronounced as Bad-glee-mish-kaa whch is wrong. The proper pronunciation is Badge-lee-meesh-kah.

• Balenciaga is to be said Bah-len-see-ah-gah

• Bottega Veneta when pronounced as Bow-tay-guh Vah-netta is wrong. The actual pronunciation is Bot-tay-ga Ven-etta.

• Bulgari is pronounced as Buhl-guh-ree

• Dolce & Gabbana is pronounced as Dol-chey- and Gab-ana

Givenchy when pronounced Give-en-chee is incorrect. The proper pronunciation is Zjee-von-shee.

• Hermès is coorectly pronounced as Er-mez

• Herve Leger is wrongly pronounced as Her-vee Lee-ger. The proper pronunciation is Air-vay Lay-jah.

• Jean Paul Gaultier is properly pronounced as Zhon Paul Go-tee-ay.

• Lanvin is exactly pronounced as Lahn-Vahn.

• Louis Vuitton is commonly pronounced as Loo-is Voo-ton which is incorrect. The proper pronunciation is Loo-wee Vwee-tahn.

• Miu Miu is wrongly pronounced as Mee-you Mee-you. the correct pronunciation is Mew-Mew.

• Moschino is seldom pronounced as Moss-chee-no. But actual pronunciation is Mos-key-no.

• Rochas is correctly pronounced as Row-shahs.

• Salvatore Ferragamo is properly pronounced as sal-vah-tor-re Fer-ra-gah-moh.

• Versace is correctly pronounced as Vur-sah-chee not Ver-sach-say.

• Yves Saint Laurent is correctly pronounced as Eve San Lau-ron not as Eves Sahnt Loor-ant.

• Olivier Theyskens is incorrectly pronounced as Oh-lee-ver Thay-skens. But it correctly pronounced as Oh-liv-ee-ay Tay-skins.

• Ann Demeulemeester is rightly pronounced as Ann De-mule-eh-meester.

• Dries Van Noten is properly pronounced as Drees Van Know-ten.

• Gareth Pugh is correctly pronounced as Gareth Pew.

• Loewe is pronounced as Loh-wev-eh.

• Yohji Yamamoto is pronounced as Yoh-jee Yam-ah-mo-to.

• Thakoon is properly pronounced as Tah-koon.

• Marchesa is pronounced as Mar-kay-sah.

• L’Wren Scott is correctly pronounced as La-ren Scott.

• Junya Watanabe is properly pronounced as Jun-yah Wat-an-ah-bey.

• Giambattista Valli is pronounced as Gee-am Bah-ties-ta Vah-lee.
There are so many other names of famous brands that we pronounce improperly. The more you come to know about them the more you rectify your pronunciation.

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