Plastic Sheen In Your Everyday Style

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All season favourite and very urban style, transparent bags and shoes have again stood out in market but with some happy surprises. This time transparent bags are also available in cute clutches and mid-size tote unlike last year. I have seen some very fine work in transparent soft plastics and laces on shoes trying to fit in for the working woman too. Because looking “sweet and delicate” is the rage style trend among almost all women, the shapes and cuts in transparent bags and shoes is very detailed in absolute fine curves and colours. The most exciting feature about the “see through” accessories are , you need a high style quotient to actually flaunt what’s inside your bag and be fuss free for those transparent footwear.  It’s a risky deal to expose your gloss and brushes in your bag but can be carried in style. Like a dazzling clutch in inside your transparent bag looks very sheen and your stuff is not visible at all, even just a plastic cover with cloth lining looks pretty decent. Bright summer colours are available in transparent footwear available in heels and flats teaming up with the latest skirts and trousers. These see through add some fun to your foot and wearable at almost all events.   It’s very diverse and available in almost all kinds of footwear from metallic heels, soft lace in flats or peep toes; it is very urban style when matching up with white trousers, cool shorts or simple tunics.  The see-through bags and shoes can go long way like until early autumn and are durable, you don’t have to worry for stains or tearing, the best advantage is it matches up with any colour attire as its ‘transparent” on a base shade. You may either go for a transparent crystal base or a transparent shield, all depends on what goes well with your foot.  For transparent lace try to opt for brighter footwear as it will enhance it detailed work beautifully. Whence opting for transparent, for both bags and shoes, go for soft clear plastic to give comfort and always check on quality for transparent heels as they carry your weight! Keep looking good.

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