Polka Dots: A Great Summer Fashion

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One of the cutest and trendy fashion styles for more than half a century now is Polka Dots. The polka dots fashion is a pattern on the fabric with color filled dots of various sizes. Big bold large polka dots are as popular as the patterns with smaller polka dots.  Some patterns have polka dots placed closer together while the spacing of the patterns for some polka dots design may have wide spaces between the polka dots. Black dots with white backgrounds or vice versa are the classic combinations in polka dots but as it is a major summer fashion colorful designs are also very popular in polka dots. The following are some of the trends that make polka dots a great summer fashion in 2014:Polka Dots Dresses Polka Dots- A Great Summer Fashion •    Little Black Dress with white polka dots is a great idea as it looks classic, elegant yet very cheerful in the summer especially for evening parties. •    Short dresses with polka dots look cute and trendy at the same time. Red, Orange Pink or Blue can be paired with white polka dots on short summer dresses for a nice casual yet chic look. •    Another great fashion in the summer is short skirts with great blouses. Wearing a plain blouse with a short polka dots skirt or wearing a polka dots blouse with a plain bright colored skirt is a great idea. Make sure the colors of the skirt match with the blouse. •    Polka dots pattern goes really well with other patterns especially horizontal stripes which are in fashion this season. A horizontal stripes pencil skirt with a polka dots blouse or vice versa are great combinations. Paring this outfit with a nice jacket will complete a fabulous look. •    If the polka dots dress looks really plain, you can always add a contrasting color plain broad waist band that will complete a great look which will be perfect for casual events like brunches. •    Polka dots blouses in various colors look awesome with jeans. Blue jeans and a colorful polka dots blouse look really good together. •    A great polka dots fashion popular in 2014 is long knee length, or ankle length dresses with polka dot designs. These are really comfortable yet chic dresses to wear in the summer of 2014 as they look amazing. Pairing them with a great jacket will make these pretty dresses look really edgy and very much in vogue.

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