Polka Dots: A Major Fashion Trend

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When it comes to fashion, what goes around comes around. In this season 0f 2013 retro polka dots are in fashion in a big way. Vintage trends like polka dots never go out of fashion. For every girl and woman, polka dots are a fashion trend. It’s a style for all seasons, simply because it shows an undeniably youthful flair and yet remains an incredibly timeless option for glitter girls of all ages. Big, medium or small-sized polka dots suit everyone. Since the pattern is not restricted to one size, these dresses can be bold and vibrant or soft and subtle in design. Polka Dots forever TrendyPolka DotsTrend Polka dot trends are forever trends as this fashionable style is a timeless trend that has been around for a long time. Looking back at the history of polka dots, this trend started nearly a hundred years ago when Disney introduced the Minnie Mouse polka dot cartoons. The classic polka dots come in black and white that looks chic but as fashion evolved polka dots came in all different combinations such as white and red, blue and white, green and black and a lot more. There’s something inherently sophisticated about polka dots, especially when they adorn a flirty and feminine blouse. A vintage inspired platform seems proper as this old-fashioned print makes its comeback. While polka dots are making a big statement, the timeless pattern will remain in the current season. When paired with a white tee and gold sandals, these cheeky polka-dotted shorts give a casual look. Make a splash in a sexy suit with a sweet print in colorful polka dots. Personalize your style by taking on seasonal trends in unexpected ways, like these flirty sunglass frames with polka dots for fun. The pants styles might change, one year you have the high waist and the next you have the low waist-but that doesn’t matter because this summer 2013 we have both these styles in fashion as well as polka dots. Short polka dots pants can be a perfect choice both for day wear or evenings pairing it with high heels. When wearing the classic combo of black and white polka dots, make sure to wear a white or black plain top to keep the outfit balanced and trendy. The same rule applies even for other colors, wearing a white or red top would make the difference, but you can also add other colors. But remember to match the polka dot element of the ensemble with  plain clothing.

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