Popular 1920’s Inspired Fashion

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Fashions from previous decades always come back into fashion some or the other time in the future. The 1920s fashion inspired dresses are very popular this season and you can see celebrities, fashion models and even just regular party goers wear this trend. In fact a 1920s theme party is very popular at the party scene this year. A little credit can be of this fashion trend can be attributed to the movie, Gatzby which was released this year that is based on The Great Gatzby which is set in the 1920s and the movie showcases many of these fashions. The following is a detailed look of the type os clothing and accessories for women that are part of the 1920s fashion trend this season:Old Fashions Popular 1920s Inspired Fashion Trends: •    Both modern as well as vintage forms of Flapper dresses are in vogue this season. This is sort of a layered dress that is usually knee length and comes in various different designs. This is probably the most iconic dress of the “roaring 20s” and looks absolutely fabulous on women today. Most of the fashionable flapper dresses also have a shimmery and shiny element to them that looks classic, stunning and also makes the dress look fabulous at an evening party. •    One of the signature fashions of the 1920s is the headpieces worn by the women in the 1920s for parties and other social events and this fashion is very popular today. Whenever anybody thinks of the 1920s probably the first image that comes to mind is women wearing these over the top yet classic headpieces. •    These headpieces were of different types depending on the occasion that they were worn at.  Generally the colors used were black, silver, gold and white however it was also common to match the color with the dress. These headpieces have feathers, glittering jewels, embroidery, net and sequins in them and have the potential of truly lifting an outfit to make it look absolutely stunning. The cloche hat of the 1920s is also popular this season. •    Another 1920s fashion that is very popular today is the type of makeup that was worn back then. The 1920s makeup is all about bold eyes, lips and plenty of makeup. The key is to make it look classic and not over the top. Also jewelry like sparkling and visible jewelry is very fashionable with this trend. Long necklaces especially pearl necklaces go very well with this trend.

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