Popular American Fashions – 2014

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United States of America is a leader in the fashion industry. Most trends and fashions originate in the United States and then the rest of the world seems to follow the U.S. Top fashion designers in the world come from America and being fashionable is the way of life in the country. This year also there are some distinct fashions followed in the country that have later become popular all over the world. The following are popular American fashions of 2014: Stylish American Fashions – 2014 •    The colors green, blue, white, beige and pink are very popular this year especially in the spring/summer months of 2014. Different shades of these colors have been seen around worn by fashion conscious women. In these colors lighter shades are more popular than the darker shades this year. •    Faded jeans are coming back into fashion this year. Also ripped jeans are making a comeback this year. A slight bohemian touch to fashion is very chic this year in America. •    Metallic silver and gold statement jewelry is very common this year and there are many innovative jewelry designs to choose from that look trendy and hip with casual and formal events. •    Short skirts, shorts, short dresses and fitted jackets are some of the fashions that are in vogue and very chic this year. •    Also in fashion are crop tops which are a retro fashion of tops that leaves the midriff bare. Crop tops can be worn with pants as well as skirts and look casual yet stylish at the same time. •    Another major trend is leopard print in accessories and footwear. A plain outfit can look super fashionable with a leopard print bag or with a stylish pair of leopard print heels. •    Lacey skirts and tops are very appealing in America right now. Short sexy dresses with lace details like lacey sleeves or lace necklines are totally in vogue this year. •    In footwear, flip-flops and high heels are both very chic this year. In high heels, boots are particularly in fashion in 2014. •    Floral prints, polka dots, ethnic and tribal designs are stylish this year as the whole bohemian look is in fashion this year. The above are some of the top fashions in America in 2014. America is a leader in global fashion. With major fashion schools and designers based in top American cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, innovative fashions keep trending every year in America.

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