Popular Bridal Makeup Fashion

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On the day of a bride’s wedding everything has to be perfect for the bride to make her look pretty. This includes the venue, the dress, the hair and of course the bridal makeup. Most often the bridal makeup is done by professional makeup artists so that the makeup is long lasting and well done. Bridal makeup depends on a large number of factors like the theme of the wedding, the physical features of the bride, the hair and the dress that is chosen by the bride on her special day. There are some popular makeup trends every season that are followed by brides that help them look beautiful and elegant. The following are some popular bridal makeup trends in 2014:Bridal Makeup Popular Makeup Trends •    For bridal makeup or just any kind of makeup it is important that the makeup should be just right. This means neither overdoing the makeup that makes the face look gaudy nor using very little makeup that fades away within the first couple of hours at the wedding. •    If one can afford it, hiring a good reputed professional makeup artist to do the makeup for the bride as well as the bridesmaids, mother of the bride and other close family women who are going to be part of the wedding party is a good idea. •    Generally women wear dresses in white colors like shades of white and pastels. For brides wearing these colors, mostly avoiding bright colors in makeup like red lipstick or bright eye shadow makes sense. •    Always accentuate one feature of the face with the makeup and not all or else it is likely to look over the top. For example, a smokey eye look that requires heavy makeup on the eyes is great for a wedding, but then the rest of the makeup for other features on the face should be relatively muted. •    Generally when it comes to blush and lipstick, soft pastel colors look really pretty on brides. Colors like light peach, pinks and even natural nude shades of lipstick and blush look amazing on brides. •    The base of the makeup is very important. Always choose a foundation that blends in well with the skin and looks natural and not made up. •    Always try the entire hair and makeup combination before the wedding with your makeup artist so that you know what suits you and what does not. Makeup is an important part of bridal fashion and extra thought needs to be put into it so that it looks perfect on the wedding day of the bride.

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