Popular Funky Ethnic Designs in 2014

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Cultures from all over the world have always had a tremendous influence on modern fashion and many times culturally and ethnically inspired modern clothes become very popular in fashion industry. Attractive prints and traditional designs mix with a modern outlook on fashion, to create a great trend in 2014 that can be described as a funky ethnic clothing trend this year. The trend has been seen in casual fashions, everyday wear and also has been worn extensively by celebrities on the red carpet. The following are some of the details regarding this trend that has become very popular in 2014. Popular Funky Ethnic Designs: •    Short dresses with tribal or ethnic designs in colors like brown, yellow, black, green and red are very popular all over the world and even with celebrities. •    Another type of clothing that is very popular with these types of designs is long flowing skirts. These funky patterns make the long skirts look trendy and very fashionable yet comfortable at the same time. Long flowing dresses are another style that is popular with these types of funky designs and ethnic patterns. •    Patterns with dark colors and a hint of bright neon colors running through the design looks really appealing and funky in ethnic wear. •    This style compliments the bohemian and peasant styles of clothing very well. It is a casual natural look and can be worn for semi-formal events and also for casual hangouts with friends and family. •    A great idea is to wear a pain blouse or t-shirt on top and then match it with a colorful short skirt with ethnic prints and designs. •    Ethnic designs and patterns are not just popular with clothes but they are also popular with jewelry, footwear and accessories. •    In jewelry, there are plenty of options available in ethnic designs. Ethnic jewelry from all over the world and traditional patterns can be modernized to make the jewelry look ethnic yet super funky. •    Accessories like bandanas and scarves are a perfect match with these types of ethnic designs. Ethnic funky designs are also common with bags, purses and clutches and these accessories make even a boring ensemble look attractive and trendy. •    Footwear with ethnic embellishments looks funky and really stylish with bohemian style clothing. Be it fashionable high heels or flats, these designs have become popular across the footwear choices available to us these days. Funky Ethnic Fashions and Designs are very popular in 2014 fashions.

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