Popular International Fashion Magazines

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fashion magzineFashion magazines cater to fashion and lifestyle in that particular region or country. They are read by women to find out the latest trends in various aspects and elements of fashion and also give information about daily fashion and lifestyle options that are available to them. Vogue which started in 1892 is the number one monthly magazine which serves 23 nations. Vogue does not need any introduction, if you follow fashion you already know it.  This global magazine provides the best fashion updates, events and trends around the world. Vogue has the maximum fan following on the social networking sites. You can get latest updates on fashion, lifestyles, beauty, fitness, food, gossip, celebrities and designers in vogue. Their slogan is “If it wasn’t in Vogue, it wasn’t in Vogue. Cosmopolitan was started in 1886. There are 63 international editions which are distributed in 100 countries. This monthly magazine is famous for its upbeat style and focuses on independent career women. They are well known for their expert sex advice and relationship issues. It also gives latest updates on celebrity lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment. One can relate to Cosmopolitan like a good friend and share their personal experiences with them. “For the Fun Fearless Female” is their tagline. Elle is the world’s biggest selling monthly fashion magazine started in 1945. It has 42 editions all over the world in 60 countries. Elle magazine is dedicated on today’s modern style conscious women and focuses on the latest fashion, beauty and entertainment news. They also feature advice on topics affecting women like health, fitness, career, politics and relationships. “Beauty is inside” is their slogan. Marie Claire is a monthly published women’s magazine which was started in 1937 and now it is published in 35 countries all over the world. This magazine combines the latest news, trends and advice in fashion and beauty. They have powerful features on women’s social issues and rights across the globe. They also feature the latest gossip about hottest famous celebrities. “More Than just a Pretty Face” is true about them. Harper’s Bazaar is an American fashion magazine which was first published in 1867 and now has 10 issues per year published in 28 countries. This magazine presents fashion for the sophisticated women setting the standard for style. In every issue of this magazine you will find the latest new looks from the hottest designers of the world. There were some fashion magazines that have an international appeal and are read by women from all over the world

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