Popular Lifestyle Magazines

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Lifestyle magazines is a term used for magazines which are mainly related to issues about health, fashion, leisure, interior decoration, fitness, tourism and culture. These magazines give latest information on new trends in the lifestyle and culture present in society. These magazines are subscribed by women worldwide as they deal with things and situations that women face in their lives. Also there are two types of lifestyle magazines that women buy. Some magazines deal with a variety of different issues where as some magazines are dedicated to a specific topic or aspect in a women’s life. The following are some examples of popular lifestyle magazines around the world.


 Good Housekeeping is a women’s monthly magazine founded in 1885. It is a women’s magazine featuring articles about women’s interest and is trusted source for advice on food, diet, health, beauty, family and home. This magazine is a part of seven sisters and is aimed at married women homemakers with a family rather than single women.

Brides is a monthly magazine which covers articles like wedding dresses, cakes, receptions, ceremonies and honeymoons. It is a very popular magazine for brides-to-be because it features planning guide according to the wedding budget and the latest bridal fashion updates.

Men’s Health is the world’s largest selling magazine for men. It covers men’s topics like fashion, fitness, health, travel, finance, relationships and sexuality. This lifestyle magazine has a lot of useful tips on fitness, strength and muscle building. This monthly magazine with 40 editions in 47 countries keeps men fit in body and mind.

Women’s Health magazine is published in 10 issues is a popular women’s magazine. It has 13 international editions in 25 countries. This magazine gives women a smart way of keeping their lifestyle healthy. It covers topics from relationship, women’s health, food that benefits health, metabolism, weight-loss and the beauty section gives tips on skincare, hairstyles and makeup.

Food and Wine is a monthly published magazine which caters to cooking tips, chefs, recipes, travel information, wine tasting as well as cooking competitions. This lifestyle magazine goes beyond eating and drinking. It features many articles like finding new eating places, new recipes, restaurants and new experiences.

Interior Design is a lifestyle magazine which focuses on interior designing. It is a perfect guide for latest interior designing trends, ideas, modern as well as contemporary architecture. This magazine also features eco friendly living, homes, cafes, offices and all types of interiors.


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