Popular Perfumes and Scents

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Perfumes Perfume is a mixture of fragrant oils and of aromatic compounds which gives fragrance. It has its uses as it gives beautiful scent or fragrance to the body of the person wearing it and also covers the body odor. Perfumes are existed in ancient times but the modern type of perfumes was started in the 19th Century. Traditional perfumes were made from single flower, combination of flowers, Amber, woody scents like sandalwood, cedarwood or agarwood, leather scents like honey and tobacco etc. Modern perfumes are made from single or multi flower scent, green scents of grass, crushed green leaf or cucumber, aquatic or ocean scents, citrus, fruity and gourmand scents which resemble food flavors. Mostly the modern perfumes have synthetic components in them. Perfumes Shopping Most men and women love to buy perfumes and different scents. Many people like to smell nice and so use a variety of different scents and perfumes. The perfume industry is a multibillion dollar industry and shoppers love to collect different perfumes and it’s also a great gift option. Perfume shopping depends on the scent, the brand and the buyer’s budget and the individual taste. Let’s start with the scent as mentioned above there are different scents in the market. The popular scents for women include various fragrances like rose, jasmine, lavender and other flowery fragrances. Men wear Fragrances like musk, cedarwood, mint etc. There are many top perfume houses today that sell really wonderful fragrances of perfume. For a long time the favorite perfume among women has been a perfume called Chanel No.5 by Chanel. Popular brands in women’s perfumes include Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Prada among others. For the men the brands that sell popular fragrances include Adidas, Armani, BVLGARI MAN, Nike man, Polo, Calvin Klein and many others. In recent years the perfume houses have celebrities signed contracts with their names associated with a particular scent of perfume. These perfumes using celebrity names are marketed and promoted as a selling gimmick. Also the celebrities usually have a say in the fragrances that they associate their names with and they usually help in creation of the fragrances by working together with the people of the perfume company coming up with their favorite fragrances. People buy many perfumes but usually everyone has their favorite one or two scents and perfumes that they like the most. Perfume shopping is a great experience for men as well as women.

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