Popular Swim Wear this Summer for Women

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There is a wide variety of swimwear for women in this summer of 2013. Swim wear like other clothes changes fashion every season and there are some amazing fashions that are trending this summer. Many celebrities and fashionista are sporting some fabulous swimwear designs on the beach that are super fun, flirty and also very attractive. The following are some of the fashion trends this summer in Swim Wear: Swimwear Trends for Women this summer: swim wear •    When it comes to color a major trend is wearing bright neon colors. Neon prints on black or white backgrounds are particularly popular this season. The trend is to wear bright colors and also swimsuits with many bright neon colors in one pattern are very popular. Color blocking is a major fashion this season and many women are sporting gorgeous swim wear with color blocking designs. •    Women are really going for fashionable swim wear this season. Many women are seen in Bikinis with cute bows, edgy designs and polka dots this season. Another trend this season is ruffles and fringes on the swim wear. A one piece with a gorgeous ruffle or a bikini with a fringe on the top is a great buy this season.  These ruffles and fringes look amazing as they add something extra to the swimsuit and are very fashionable. •    Retro is very popular this season. A major fashion is a vintage halter inspired bikini tops and one piece designs. High waist bikinis like the retro 80’s style are coming back in fashion this season. Also the modest 50’s inspired one piece swimsuit is back in fashion. •    Women this season are wearing different types of prints on their swimsuits. Hawaiian prints, graphic prints and stripes are very popular in 2013 for swim wear. Also zebra prints and leopard prints are back in fashion this season. Edgy swimsuit designs are very popular in the summer of 2013. •    The concept of boho chic designs is also catching up this season. Strappy boho designs, tribal prints and other boho prints are very popular in 2013. Also Swimwear made of crochet has been spotted this season as many fashionistas are wearing crochet bikinis or have a crochet fringe on their swimsuits. As mentioned above there are many different types of designs and patterns that are very popular for swim wear in 2013 for Women. By following the trends of swimsuit fashion in 2013 the women look super fashionable on the beach.

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