Pros and Cons of Photoshop in Fashion

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Fashion industry like other industries uses the new cutting edge technology so that it can use technology to showcase fashion in a better way. Photoshop is one of the most popular software tools in the fashion industry today. Fashion photography uses Photoshop and the concept of “untouched” photographs or photographs that have not been modified using Photoshop is becoming rarer by the day. So is Photoshop right for the fashion industry and for society in general or are there some aspects that are negative about this very useful software tool? The following are some of the Pros and Cons of Photoshop in Fashion today: Pros of Photoshop in Fashion •    Photoshop has many tools that help brighten the image, create a nice lighting for the image and also adjust the contrast and remove blemishes from a photo. It’s cropping tool helps get focus on the main image. •    It makes an average looking photo look stunning and helps photographers get the perfect photo that they are looking for without having to shoot a thousand images of the same model in the same clothes and set. •    Celebrities and models have fabulous photographs of them showcased to the world and make them look beautiful in photographs which are essential in their fields. •    A positive way to look at Photoshop is that models do not have to be stick thin for fashion photography as Photoshop can make them appear to look like they are thinner than they actually are. Cons of Photoshop in Fashion •    Photoshop is encouraging perfection to a level that is, at times not healthy. By photoshopping the images in the fashion industry, the fashion industry is promoting the perfect thin body image which is fake. The models and actresses also do not have such bodies but appear to do so because of the Photoshop tool. •    Today to be fashionable is to be super thin because girls and women see these photoshopped images and want to look like the models and actresses in the pics. •    Many times women go for extreme diets and exercise excessively to become like the photoshopped images of their favorite stars. This leads to many health problems and diseases like anorexia and bulimia among others and can also at times be fatal. Photoshop contributes to this in a small way. The use of Photoshop is extensive in the fashion industry and as mentioned above there are several pros and cons in the use of Photoshop in fashion.

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