Punk Fashion 2013

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The true beauty of a fashion trend lies in the unpredictable evolution which hit the fashion scene in a confident way. In 2013 the costume exhibition had a major impact on high fashion which included Punk styles. Punk styles originated in the early 70’s and has come a long way for men and women with the best of shocking sub culture turned into utterly glamorous trendy styles of this season. punk fashion 2013 The glamorous comeback in punk fashion is the result of many sub cultures and sub styles. Regardless of the common styles, the main core of punk fashion lies in the sense of rebellion and some sort of controversy. Something which is meant to be shocking to the world is what punk fashion is about. But this season punk has maintained a balance with their style and come out with disciplined punk trends that are popular with all the fashionistas. The punk fashion trend this year is more about mixing punk elements with other seasonal trends. The punk fashion is back for autumn / winter and the overall theme that describes punk trends should be something feminine with a punk rock edge. The original punk trend features like studs, spikes, safety pins is a wrong way to think of high fashion punk return for 2013. Instead go for one or two eye catching details that will make you look tough as well as add glamour and elegance to your style. Heavy Biker Boots can easily punk up an outfit especially when paired with skinny jeans or skinny leather pants. You may also come across plenty of black leather ankle length boots elevated with spikes and studs that you will be able to use this season. Spikes and safety pins are iconic to punks but you can use them in necklaces and earrings to give a bold look to your evening gowns, sleek blazers, sexy corsets and even your stylish shoes. Perfectly tailored outfits and studs thrown into the mix, studs on a leather biker jacket, studs on sexy pointy heels, a messy bun and a toned down make up will give you a subtle punk appeal. So invest in a studded leather jacket and studded accessories to give you the chic punk trend which is the latest fashion trend of this season. Accessories can add a lot of flair to your outfit and if you want some punk rock attitude you can add spiked jewelry that will make any stylish woman feel confident and ready to add a bold fashion statement.

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