Punk Style 2014

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Punk Styles refers to dressing up and styling your look according to the punk sub culture. The Punk fashions are edgy and not limited to the societal acceptances or trends. Having said that, punk fashions has been incorporated in conventional fashion. This creates modern, edgy and very stylish fashions. There is an attempt made to shock in such fashions however some styles are really cool and can be worn by regular people who do not follow the punk subculture. The following are some of the tips to incorporate punk fashion styles in 2014:Punk Style Punk Style 2014: • Traditionally in punk style black is used extensively to make the outfit look edgy. Black paired with vibrant colors is typical of punk fashion. • Punk styles can be incorporated in everyday fashions as well as in a formal event or in a party. Black, grey and metallic colors are perfect punk style colors and look super cool if worn in the right way. • A cool punk fashion style is the black leather jacket. This style is so cool that it does not go out of fashion even though black leather jackets were worn way back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It is a super bold fashion and to add a punk element to it you can wear a black leather jacket with metallic silver embellishments and metal buttons. • Dark makeup is often associated with this type of fashion. Using a dark lipstick is in line with following this punk fashion. Also dark eye makeup makes the overall ensemble look edgy, wild and cool. • When it comes to footwear, Doc Martens and different types of boots are popular in punk styles. Mostly these boots look good in colors like black, but in this fashion dark outfit matched with bright colored boots is not uncommon. • Punk fashion extends to hairstyles as well. Punk hairstyles are major fashion statements. The Mohawk is popular with both men and women in 2014 as a punk hairstyle and are seen in regular fashion as well. Many celebrities are seen wearing multicolored hairstyles which are also very much a punk fashion style. • The pixie cut is a popular hairstyle today and takes inspiration from punk fashions. Wacky hairstyles and experimentation with hairstyles and hair color is very much a punk style of fashion. In 2014 punk fashions are not just restricted to the punk subculture but many designers are taking inspiration from this cool fashion style and making it more mainstream. This is a really cool trend of 2014 fashions.

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