Red Carpet Fashions of the Fall

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Whenever stars step out on the red carpet they are supposed to be stylish and shine brightly. Red carpet fashions are not just meant for the Oscars or Golden Globes but there are many occasions in the Fall for the stars to showcase amazing Fall red carpet fashions. In Fall 2014 also there were some major trends in fashion showcased on red carpet events all over the world.  The following are some of the fashions of the Fall 2014 red carpet: Red Carpet Fashions – Fall 2014 •    Darker colors are majorly in fashion in Fall this year. Also paler versions of pastels with gold and silver are very much in vogue in 2014. •    Colors like black, beige, blue, and brown are in Fashion. Some colors that have been in fashion in the summer have also continued to remain in fashion like light pink, shades of red, coral and yellow. This season is the season to wear grey shades and adding the color to red carpet fashions has been a trend this fashion season. •    Wearing flowing gowns in a single color with shiny embellishments in colors like gold and silver are really popular. White is something that is generally worn more in summer but this year it has become popular in the fall as well. Gowns in single colors are popular in colors like coral, white, black and shades of pink and red. •    Lacey gowns that are well fitted and showcase the figure are totally sexy and in fashion this Fall. Light pink, white, black and beige are ideal colors for lacey designs for the red carpet fashions of the fall. •    Red carpet fashions on red carpet premiers for movies and other such events are more casual and semi-formal in nature. A lot of color is seen in such events. Multicolored outfits with a black or dark color background are very trendy this season. •    Another red carpet trend in the Fall is the crop top. Crop top paired with a flowing full skirt and a crop top paired with a fitted short skirt both look fabulous on the red carpet. •     Shaded and ombre color patterns are popular on the red carpet. Another color choice that was seen on the red carpet is pairing white and black colors together. Red Carpets are a place for the stars to shine. A bad red carpet look can really be disastrous for the fashion image of a star. Wearing the right fashions on the red carpet always looks amazing.

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