Red Carpet Fashions This Awards Season in Hollywood

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As the New Year starts in Hollywood every year, award season is in full swing with many prestigious awards show nights lined up in Hollywood and in other parts of the world. They celebrate the achievements of the previous year and award the people who have contributed in making some amazing films in the past year. Some of the prominent award shows include the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Academy Awards or the Oscars, Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA awards which are awards presented in Britain. The Red Carpet Fashions at these awards can make or break a celebrity’s style image. What celebrities wear at these award functions is very important and the fashion “police” or fashion critics from all over the world comment on each and every dress worn by the celebrities at awards nights. In 2014 also there are some fabulous fashion trends that are being followed by celebrities on the red carpet at award nights. The following are some of the red carpet fashion trends of 2014: Red Carpet Fashion Trends at Award Nights in 2014: •    This awards season, figure hugging off shoulder tube top dresses or off shoulder princess neckline dresses are definitely in fashion. Modern and edgy meets glamour is the hot trend of the season and many celebrities are seen sporting such looks on the red carpet this season. •    Actresses are sporting some really bold looks this season. With plunging necklines, see through dresses and also dresses with bold strategic cutouts have been witnessed on the red carpets this year. See through lace is particularly in fashion this season. •    Regal and pure looking Grecian gowns are also in style and actresses are wearing them in lovely pastels on the red carpets. •    There are some distinct colors that are in fashion for dresses in this year’s award nights. Many actresses are seen wearing gold and silver dresses this season. Another popular color is shades of beige with gold and silver embellishments. Lots of celebrities are also seen in colors like red and black on the red carpet. A red dress is difficult to pull off on a red carpet because the carpet is red and celebrities have to make sure that the shade of red that they are wearing is not the same and does not clash with the carpet color. These were some of the fashion trends that were followed by actresses in this year’s award nights on the red carpets.

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