Red Jeans and What Can You Wear With

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Red jeans match any seasons whether it is winter, spring, autumn, or summer. They made of various materials form corduroy to stretch cotton blends. Jeans in red color can create bold fashionable statement if they are paired with the right accessories, shoes and tops.

 The color of the tops should be chosen well so your red jeans can look stylish. Don’t wear a red top as your appearance will be too bright. Moreover, you will look odd if the red color of the jeans doesn’t match with the red color of the top. To avoid overwhelming and busy color, don’t choose oranges, yellow, purple, and greens. Choose colors like gray, pale yellow, white, and navy blue because they look best with your jeans.

A red jeans outfit can look stylish if you wear jewelry either gold or silver. For your handbag, go neutrals. Or if you want to carry a bag in red color, make sure that the red color is the same as your jeans. You might also interested in reading shoes summer 2012.

Aside from the accessories and the tops, shoes also play important rule to give the best look. Many shoes can be worn to complete the red jeans such as strappy sandals, flip-flops, peep-toed heels, stilettos, or ballet flats.

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