Red: The Color in Fashion This Spring

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Color Red In Spring It has been a long and cold winter that at best can be described as “dull”. In the cold winter the fashion is demure with a lot of emphasis on dark colors, whites and grays. As the spring season approaches, there is vibrancy in the air and fashion reflects that very well. One of the major colors of the spring season is Red. Women wear different shades of red as it matches the mood of the season and also the climate perfectly. The following are tips to wear the color red in spring as it is one of the attractive colors of the season: Tips on Wearing the Color Red in Spring: • A red short dress is a perfect spring choice for women as it gives an opportunity to shed the layers of winter and also look super fabulous. It is a classic spring outfit if paired with lovely pair of chic high heels. • Another great option is to wear a red skirt with a white blouse. This is a great combination and if one wears a stylish fitted denim jacket on it the outfit will look gorgeous. • Spring is a time to show off your legs. A great spring buy is a cool red pair of short shorts which work well in parties as well as in casual dos. These red shorts can go really well with floral blouses and tops. • If you are wearing an outfit made of clothing items that are of darker shades, then adding a red clothing item in the mix is a great idea. For example, adding a red jacket to a black and white outfit will make the outfit look really cool and will go with the trends of spring. • Another great way to add red color to your ensemble is to wear red shoes. Casual red ballerinas with everyday outfits or amazing high heels like red pumps with a glamorous black party outfit will look really fabulous this season. • A fashion tip for the spring season is that the combination of red, white and denim looks really great in an outfit. • Another way to glam up the ensemble is with red color accessories. Ruby red earrings, red nail polish, red clutch purse or red handbag are fabulous add-ons to the outfit in the spring season. The color red is always a great trend in fashion in the spring season and wearing it right is essential for looking stylish and glamorous.

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