Red, White & Blue – 4th of July Inspired Fashions

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4th Of July is America’s Independence Day. It is a time to be thankful for the freedom and also to celebrate the country’s independence. Usually people celebrate Independence Day in a big way in the country and the celebration last for the entire 4th of July Weekend. Some fashionable people celebrate the occasion in style with the 4th of July inspired fashions. The red, white and blue of the American flag are often incorporated in the fashion styles and it is very popular to wear these colors during the celebrations. The following are some of the 4th of July inspired fashions: 4th of July Inspired Fashions •    Red, white and blue are the colors of the American flag. Wearing these colors is a great fashion in America during this time. Wearing a white and blue top with a red skirt or wearing a blue and red blouse with white pants isa fashion option for many this occasion. Basically incorporating the three colors in the overall outfit without having any other colors are all popular for 4th of July fashions. Also adding horizontal stripes and stars in the print of the outfit makes it match with the American flag. •    Another popular style is to wear the American flag print on the clothing. This means having an American flag print on the t-shirt or dress is great casual style clothing for the Independence Day celebrations. •    Many times women wear bikinis to celebrate independence with a beach party. These bikinis have red, blue and white colors to celebrate the 4th of July occasion. Also the bikinis and swimwear at times have American flag inspired prints which are popular among some women. •    Besides clothing, 4th of July fashions include shoes, accessories and nail paint as well.  From high heels to sports shoes, wearing the red, white and blue fashions in shoes are trendy during this time. Also using American flag inspired prints on handbags and sunglasses are very much seen during this celebration. Some people also do nail art inspired by the red, white and blue fashions of the celebration. The idea is to not overdo this fashion. Using just an accessory with this type of fashion or just including the colors or one clothing item with the American flag inspired print makes sense. This is a great time of celebration for the country and fashion also plays its part in this celebration and that too in style.

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