Retro Fashion Looks that are Popular in 2014

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Fashion has evolved over the decades and each decade has a distinct style of fashion that became so popular during that decade that everyone from regular people to celebrities followed those fashions religiously. In 2014, there are many inspirations that have been drawn from the decades of the past and today fashions have a modern edgy look to them with a clear inspiration from the past. 2014 retro fashions are popular and are totally hip. The following are some of the retro fashions that were popular in 2014:Retro Fashion Looks Retro Fashion Looks of 2014: •    A major inspiration this year is the 50’s style dress with the full skirt till the knees. The classic 50’s style dress has been made edgy and more chic in 2014. Tulle is the ideal fabric used in 2014 to create an extra sense of drama in the full skirt of the 1950’s. •    Sunglasses have always made women look stylish and have evolved over the decades. Retro large sunglasses in different shades and colors are the retro accessory of 2014. Heart and star shaped sunglasses are popular which are super cute and stylish. •    When it comes to retro jewelry, 2014 fashions seem to take inspiration from the classic styles of 1920’s fashions. Long pearl necklaces and statement chunky jewelry are all in vogue in 2014. •    Another fashion that is very trendy is the short flared high waist skirt in vibrant colors. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing this stylish fashion. •    The 1940’s style loose pants in pastel colors are very stylish this year. Women are experimenting with vintage fashions and they seem to be working really well in 2014. These palazzo pants are really cool and can be worn in different colors. •    Even in swimwear this year, retro fashions are trendy. Retro bikinis with high waist bikini bottoms are totally in. •    Floral designs, polka dots and horizontal stripes are all fashions that have roots in the previous decades. These prints have been made edgy in 2014 and a sort of reinvention of the fashionable prints has taken place. •    Elegant hairdos of the past are also used by celebrities and fashion forward women to look classy yet stylish in 2014. Fashion is based on comfort and style. Past decades in fashion are a huge inspiration for us. Dressing up in retro fashions with a modern twist is particularly amazing when you dress up for a party or there is a retro theme at a party.

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