Retro Fashion Trend in 2014

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Retro Fashion trends are very popular since 2010 and many decades have been represented in vintage fashion since then. The trend has continued in 2014 and spring summer fashions are likely to showcase vintage fashion in a big way. Vintage fashion basically means taking inspiration from a past decade trend and making it hip and trendy in 2014. Retro Fashion make women look hip and trendy and at the same time make them look classy and edgy in the crowd. Depending on the decade fashion that is popular in a season, retro fashions are followed on the runway and also by fashion conscious women all over the world. The following are some of the fashions that are very retro yet very popular in 2014: Retro Fashions in 2014 •    Glamorous trends from the 1920’s continue to be in fashion this season. The makeup, the headbands and the flapper dresses are very much in fashion especially as trendy party wear. •    A lot of 1970’s style fashion is expected to be popular in 2014 especially when it comes to casual wear. From flowing dresses with tribal or floral print to 1970’s inspired one piece swimwear, the decade of the flower power is definitely back in fashion this season. •    This spring/ summer season expect a lot of bold colors when it comes to clothes, eyewear and even boots. Bright neon colors and patterns from the 60’s and 70’s are expected to rock this fashion season in 2014. Bright colors are expected to be on display when it comes to coats and shoes as well in the spring summer season. •    Formal wear for women is expected to take inspiration from the 1950’s and 1960’s this season. Think of lovely dresses in sober pastel colors with retro prints or no prints like the ones worn by Audrey Hepburn and other famous actresses of that era. •     Another retro trend that is witnessed this fashion season is jumpsuits. Celebrities are seen wearing this retro outfit everywhere this season. Both men and women look fabulous in jumpsuits and this trend is likely to become very popular this season. Another vintage fashion that is really happening this season is plaid which is a vintage classic pattern in clothing that is very popular in skirts, coats and also dresses. Fashions from previous decades keep coming back as inspiration for new trends every year. This year also there are huge retro fashion trends and women are enjoying and following these to look trendy this fashion season.

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