Secret Rules Of Wearing Jewelry

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Jewelry enhances beauty.

It adds value to the overall appearance of a woman, or even a man. However expensive and exclusive clothes one might wear, it never looks complete without being accompanied by jewelry.

There are no laid down guidelines regarding jewelry. One can wear whatever one wishes to. The mirror would tell you how good your ornaments look on you. However, there are some secret rules, which, if followed, would give an idea regarding what jewelry to wear, how much to wear, and how to wear them. If you have confusion or doubt about these, you may take a look at the following secret rules:

 Know where to draw a line: Excessive jewelry would make one look too loud. Unless it is your wedding or an event that requires you to wear jewelry of all kinds, do not go overboard with them. Too much jewelry looks chaotic and lurid. The purpose of wearing them is to complement the clothes. It should not take away the attention from the clothes completely.

Complement the attire: If you choose to wear plain clothes, wear flashy jewelry. Likewise, wear light jewelry with bright clothes. If you wear clothes with designs, prints, sequence work, or stones, go easy with the jewelry. If the clothes have stone-work, wear jewelry without stones. Wear matt jewelry with shiny clothes and vice versa. The jewelry has to complement the clothes, hence they are to be worn in the inverse style.

Either or: If you choose gorgeous dangler earrings, you may skip a neck piece. Else, wear a thin chain at best. If you adorn your neck with a layered, long, dazzling necklace, wear tiny earrings or no earnings at all. This would draw the onlookers’ attention to the piece of jewelry that you wish to flaunt. Wearing long, bright earrings together with equally bright neckpiece would divert attention from both.

Jaw line: There is a reason why not all jewelry suits everyone equally. It depends on the complexion, contours, costume, and many other factors. For example, certain kinds of earrings go well with certain kinds of face-shape.

Jaw line plays an important role in the selection of earrings. If the face is round with roundish jaw line, small drops, slim and dangling earrings and chandelier earrings would be the best choice. It makes the face look less round. Those with a longish face with a wide forehead and elongated chin may wear round earrings and avoid long ones.

A person with a square face with prominent and square jaw line may choose round or long earrings and not square ones as they would make the face look wider. Oval and diamond-shaped faces suit all kinds of earrings, but mostly with those which finish above the chin.

Neckline: Consider the neckline of the attire when you choose the neck piece. With high necked outfits, pick long necklaces. With a deep V neck, wear a pendant that sits right at the v. With a round neckline, wear a roundish neck piece. With a low neckline, wear a choker or short chains or necklaces. Skip wearing neck pieces with military prints, cowboy or safari clothes, or even high necked or collared garments.

Layers: Instead of the traditional pairing of earrings and neck pieces, try wearing multiple neck pieces and give the earrings a miss. This will be fashionable and break the monotony. Adorn the neck with layers of necklaces, of different lengths and sizes. Not too many, though, two or three at the most. However, if the garment is too gaudy, this should best be avoided.

Variation in earrings: Earrings magnify the beauty of the face. Since it is the face that attracts people’s vision first and most when they interact with you, changing earrings regularly is a good idea. It brings in versatility. If you have to go to work or step out regularly, keep wearing different earrings on different days. This creates a great impact.

Bangles or wristlets: The choice between bangles or wristlet depends largely on the attire. With draping clothes, long dresses or dresses with frills, bangles look great. Wearing a few on one hand and a watch on the other appears smart. Wear a single piece of wristlet or wrist-chain with tee shirts, shirts, and trousers. At times, clubbing a wristlet with one or two bangles looks trendy. In any case, the same rule of not putting on too many applies here too.

Ring rules: Rings are indispensable for pretty looking hands. Wear a big one, adorned with gemstones with gorgeous attires. Stick to one so that it receives the focus that it deserves. You may wear multiple rings of different metals, shapes, and sizes with informal clothes. However, keep them on the fingers of one hand and let the other hand be free. Multiple rings do not assemble well with multiple bangles. One ring and many bangles or many rings and a single bangle are the right combinations.

These, of course, are not the last words. These are basic concepts that might guide you if you are confused. What jewelry you would wear is, at the end of the day, your prerogative and choice. Wear them as per your outfit or the occasion. You may go all out, break all rules, and still look gorgeous. Never back out from breaking the trend and experiment. Love yourself and ornament yourself as your heart desires.

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