Shades of the Iconic Red Lipstick

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One of the iconic lipstick colors is red. It is an effortless way to make a simple outfit shine and look totally hot. Red lipstick has been worn by fashionable women all over the world for decades as it is probably the favorite lipstick color of all time. But red lipstick is not just one color as red is never only just red. There are many shades in red that look good for different occasions. Wearing the right shade with the right kind of outfit makes all the difference in making the outfit a fashionable one or reporting it to the fashion police. The following are some of the iconic shades of red lipstick that are very popular among women of different ages: Shades of the Iconic Red Lipstick •    Pinkish Red: This is a great color to make a normal pink lipstick just a little bit bolder. This is a great color for semi-formal and party wear. It looks super chic with gowns and cocktail dresses but also works really well with casual yet elegant outfits. A shade similar to this color that has a hint of red and a hint of pink is coral which is more of a casual color suited for a fun outing like a day at the beach or a casual brunch. •    Orange – Red Lipstick: Orange Red lipstick is a bold and funky choice that brightens the make-up instantly and gives it a more young, vibrant and attractive look. It can be paired with light colored clothing as well as super dark colors in contrast with them. •    Scarlet Red Lipstick: The shade of red lipstick is probably the most iconic and bold shade of red lipstick. In scarlet red also there are shades that go from light scarlet red, medium scarlet red to extremely dark scarlet red lipstick. This goes really well with formal wear, gowns and works well with different types of skin tones. •    Maroon Red Lipsticks: Maroon Red lipstick color is a deep red shade that works well with evening events and is a great color for formal wear. Light maroon lipstick works with pastels and lighter colors, but the darker maroon shades work well with darker colored outfits. Also dark maroon red lipstick is a great idea if the overall look is inspired by a more gothic style look. Red Lipstick shades are very important in a make-up collection as they are very versatile and quite iconic and classic in fashion.

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