Shift To Natural Make Up Literally

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I am sure this is not new to you and there have been several rounds of news that educate us about harmful effects of cosmetics. An example of chemicals present in our cosmetic bags is lead, artificial fragrances and toxic oils to maintain texture, shine, colour and life of the cosmetic product. All this is fatal if taken inside our body so applying them on our skin is equally harmful. Chemicals perform in a way that when you apply them on your skin, they penetrates on the inner skin surface and then in our bod cells, where they do more harm than good. The result of which is early ageing, skin allergies, skin darkening, cancer, asthma occurrence and abnormal hormonal growth. But it is not possible to avoid make up for time for obvious reasons and thus we also have alternatives. green clothesleaf in hand Mineral based make up and organic cosmetics are a good way to avoid chemicals as much as possible.  Organic and mineral based cosmetics are those make-up products that contain natural extracts, minerals and oils. They may not be a complete substitute to our normal cosmetic products but adding them in your vanity will be a good change. They help your skin to improve, be safe and look great. It’s without doubt that natural products have better and long lasting effects on skin, surprisingly they are economical also. The products are as simple as we use coconut, almonds, cucumber, strawberries, etc. for our skin through homemade beauty solutions. Organic cosmetic are just a more refined and specific products which is suitable to all ages.  The market has helped us b introducing mineral lipsticks and foundations, mineral oils and salts for body, organics kajals and mascaras, fragrances extracted naturally, lotions and body creme. leaf grow in coins Some of the top international cosmetics brands have started their own separate range of natural organic cosmetics due to the consumer awareness and demand for safer and better make up products.  There is no fun in looking beautiful outside with creating harmful skin problems in the inside. So bring some change in your vanity and add some nature in it today.

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