Simply Striped

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When stripes were first showcased in the fashion arena it was focused on men and mostly suitings.  A lot has changed since then and this season, stripes have been a fetish among the elite fashionable women. Big brands are displaying stripes in broad fashion runaways and it’s a very chic trend. The good thing about stripes is that you can work it out with your body type, verticals for little fuller women and horizontal for the slim ones. You won’t end up looking like zebra, NO! That’s a very shallow conclusion. Women suits, cocktail dresses, summer trousers and crisp stripe shirts are booming the market and luring good customers because they are simple patterns giving you great elegance. Mango, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Versace, Prada, etc. are few top notch who have included stripes in their collection.  Find it very high fashion and smart dressing for working woman. How to carry it? Look at the models donning black white broad stripes in beautiful cut coats and dresses.  Casual shirts in summer cool hues with nice knee length skirt, or a cute striped skirt with jacket, long cut trousers in broad stripes takes you back to the very fashionable 80’s, find your style among these. The very hot and attractive is the red–white-peach-black stripes in short dresses or complete suits designed for woman. I may have never seen a man looking more handsome in stripes than a woman in bright coloured ones. The notion was changed in 80’s of stripes being a male market and the same ruled on ramp for spring 2013. Only two rules for stripes, first keep minimal colours for example white-black, red-white-blue, orange-white-peach, green-cream, etc. Secondly, keep in mind vertical gives height and horizontal gives body shape, so choose your type of stripes quickly and add some luxury style this season.

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