Skincare in Winter

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Winter careIt is everyone’s dream in the dead of winter to have dewy skin that’s immune to the effects of icy temperatures and whipping winds. The air is frigid and dry outside and any kind of indoor heat leaves it even more parched. Your skin’s protective barrier cracks, making it less able to repair itself. Protect your moisture starved skin parts so you can stay soft and smooth all season long. Winter is the worst season for people who have dry skin, flaking, itchiness and tautness is usual and neglect of daily care can easily lead to habitual dehydration, with sensitive skins and red patches. So going that extra step to pamper the skin with moisturizers and emollients is important. Tips to keep skin soft To do away with the conditions of dryness during winter, consumption of juicy fruits and vegetable with the particular inclusion of olive oil and primrose juice will prove to be a healthy alternative. In order to get rid of external dryness and chaps, application of coconut oil prior to bathing can be another helpful option. Application of petroleum jelly on areas particularly affected with chaps and dryness happens to be one of the most effective ways to keep skin soft. In case you prefer using soap, make sure to use one with adequate moisturizing content. Soaps based on natural oils and glycerin may turn out to be a healthy alternative. To prevent brittleness in nails, make sure to pamper your finger and toe nails with sufficient touches of oil, glycerin and moisturizers. In order to overcome flaking, chapping and itchy cracks caused during winter, use cotton socks & gloves to have you adequately covered from the chill of winter. Prevention Avoid using facial packs and masks which suck out the natural oil content of the skin. Facial pack containing mud should be avoided for this reason. Rather go for cleansing milk and oil based pack. Avoid using hot water for bathing, instead go for lukewarm water enriched with drops of glycerin or herbal oil such as tea tree oil to make up for the loss of moisture. Similarly a blend of yogurt, buttermilk and sour cream or the creamy layer of milk with respective ingredients being combined in small measure that is helpful for activating the skin’s collagen content. To overcome conditions of dryness and chap formation on lips, opt for a lip balm enriched with Vitamin E. In extreme cases of cracks, one needs to use ointment containing necessary antibiotics. Do not avoid using sun’s cream during winter, but it is always preferable using one with an increased moisturizing content.

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