Smokey eye makeup for partying right away

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Whenever getting ready for a party, makeup plays a very important in it. Even in makeup, eye makeup is something which is noticed by everyone.

If you are going for a casual party or just to a disc to enjoy then you cannot be too loud or too subtle.

This is a situation where Smokey eye makeup works best.

Here is a step by step guide to do smokey eye makeup.

1. Complete your face makeup- Before starting with the eye makeup, get over and done with your face makeup. Apply your base, concealer and face powder and anything else that you may like and once your face is all glowing then get started on your eye makeup.

2. Choose your colors and tools- before starting the blending and smudging, you should choose your colors and tools. Choose the light and dark shades that you need for the smokey effect and also choose the right kind of brushes that can help you get just the look you want.

3. Apply white eye shadow- Always remember to apply white eye shadow first. It is used because it highlights the eye makeup and gives it an intense finish. Once you are done with it you can start with other of your chosen colors.

4. Time for middle shade- Now take your middle shade and start blending it on your eyelid. Don’t forget to blend in with the white eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyelid otherwise it will give a harsh and crooked look.

5. The dark shades- Once you are done with your light shades it’s time to begin with the dark ones. Take your shade and sweep it on your eyelids from the end portion. Blend it inwards in a “C” shape. This ensures maximum coverage and perfectly blended look. Make sure that you keep the end of the eyelid as the darkest corner.

6. Blend it- Take a different brush or clean your in use brush and then use it to blend all the shadows together. This will create a perfect smokey look for your eyes. Make sure that no harsh lines are visible and everything is completed blended.


Smokey eye makeup can be a party hit for many occasions. It is a casual makeup which works everywhere. All you need is the right shades and tools to create the desired smokey effect.

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