Smokey Eye MakeUp

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One of the most catchy eye makeup is the popular smokey eye makeup.  This style of makeup is done on special occasions to give your appearance a dark, sexy and smokey look. Almost every celebrity or a model sports this look in all the magazines we see nowadays. If you want to create a natural smokey eye then you have to follow some simple steps. To master the art of smokey eye technique you have to first watch the tutorial videos or online photos so that you get an idea or inspiration of how it is to be done. The key to perfect the smokey eye is by proper blending of dark shades and light shades of eye shadow together. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to apply this makeup and practice will make you perfect and also you will be able to do it faster. How to Apply Smokey eye Makeup To start with you have to apply a primer or a base on the eyelid and let it dry before you start the next step. This will keep the eye shadow from melting and in place throughout the day. Next step is to apply eye liner on the upper lash line of the eye. Generally women use the black, brown or gray color eye liner to give the smokey look. Sometimes some women use purple, blue or deep green eye liner. For the bottom eye lid you must use an eye liner pencil which is easy to smudge. When the line is drawn you can smudge it with your finger. A bit of eye shadow can be added to give the smudge look. Now a darker eye shadow should be blended along the lash line, blending upwards towards your eye brow. Dark shade of eye shadow is used up till the crease of the eye lid and a light shade of eye shadow towards the eye brow. Keep on blending till the look you wanted is created. To finish the makeup you have to curl the eye lashes and then apply the mascara on the eye lashes. Smokey eye look is generally matched with evening wear or party wear. It looks really dramatic and very chic at the same time. A tip while wearing the smokey eye makeup look is to tone down the rest of the makeup on face and use nude colors for the lips and cheeks.

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