Spring’s Fashion Love Affair with Floral Designs

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When one thinks about fashion in spring the first thought that most women have is florals. Florals are an ideal fashion for the spring season because they depict the change in climate and the wonderful blossom of all types of flowers in many places in around us. After a cold and drab winter, spring brings certain vibrancy in the air and this is reflected in fashion. Floral designs with vibrant colors are totally appropriate for the season. Spring floral fashions usually get cool edgy designs and styles to make them hip and happening every spring season. The following are some of the spring fashion styles with floral designs: Spring’s Fashion – Floral Designs •    Floral designs and prints are very popular in the springtime. They are the top fashions for spring and are reinvented every year to create edgy and trendy yet classic floral styles every spring/summer fashion season. •    When it comes to clothing, floral prints are seen in short dresses that end above the knee and long 50s style dresses with a huge skirt that end below the knee. Floral prints in tops and even floral printed skinny jeans are very cool in the spring season. When it comes to skirts, retro full skirts, bohemian floral long skirts and short skirts all can be worn with floral prints. Bohemian style flowing dresses with floral prints look effortlessly fashionable during the spring season. •    Floral prints are generally in pastel colors and vibrant colors of the season. Colors like pink, green, blue, orange, red, and yellow are popular with floral prints. Bold large floral prints look stylish only if they are not over the top or too bold. However small floral prints also look dainty and cute during the spring/summer fashion season. Generally floral prints are not made of one or two colors but are multi-colored floral prints and designs that stand out. •    This year the spring floral prints trend has got an edgy make over. Vibrant colors have been used to create floral prints and designs, but they have a darker background with colors like black and brown to make the vibrant colors of the prints pop and also still have an edgy look to the entire design and style. •    Spring’s fashion of floral prints is also seen in accessories like handbags, purses and also headbands and bandanas. Floral prints are also seen on shoes like ballet flats as well as trendy high heels and stilettos.

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