Steps to Achieve the Smokey Eye Makeup Look

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Make up is a highly essential aspect of a person’s look. There are some very cool makeup ideas that make you look like a star. One of them is the stunning Smokey eye makeup look. Smokey eye makeup look is perfect for parties, formal occasions and definitely events where you can truly dress up. If this makeup look is not expertly done it can look ghastly. The following is a step by step guide for wearing the Smokey eye makeup correctly: Steps for the Smokey Eye Makeup Look: •    The first step is to choose the colors that you plan to use while doing this look. Top choices are colors like black, dark brown, plum, navy blue, dark purple and a darker shade of grey. •    Use a foundation, primer or concealer to create a thin layer of makeup on your eyelids that will give an even color and hide blemishes. Use a skin color foundation base for this purpose. •    Next step is the eye liner. Either use a pencil eye liner or a liquid one. Make sure that you put a dark eye liner on the upper and lower lash lines of the eye. The eye liner must be particularly dark at the edge of the eye. •    The next step is to apply the base color eye shadow on the eye lid above and below the crease line of the eyelid. Apply a dark contour color eye shadow all around the eye and blend it well with the eyeliner especially at the edges of the eye. •    Next step is to apply a dark contour eye shadow line across the crease. This will help create the dark Smokey eye makeup look for the eyes. •    The last step is to blend the eye shadows in a horizontal “V” type shape so that they blend together from inside towards the edges of the eye. This will create a cat eye look which is perfect for the Smokey eye look. •    If it is a fun party using dark eye shadow with a hint of shimmer is also a great idea. Smokey eye makeup is very popular among young women as well as celebrities. Smokey eye makeup is a very heavy makeup for the eyes. So make sure that when the Smokey eye makeup is used, then the rest of the face should have minimal makeup. Bold eyes paired with bold makeup on the rest of the face can look ghastly so make sure to avoid this mistake.

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