Street Style Fashions of 2014

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Street style fashion is what women wear when they step out every day. This can be casual wear that is completely stylish and hip. Street style fashions are important as we don’t go to formal events or parties everyday but we step out of the house every day. In this style women can experiment with what they feel looks cool on them and also follow the latest fashions. These fashions are influenced by top designers and also by fashions sported by top celebrities. The following are street style fashions of 2014:

Street Style Fashions of 2014
•    Horizontal stripes in black and white have become very popular this year. This pattern is popular with skirts, t-shirts, short dresses and also with high heels. Many celebrities are seen wearing this fashion this year.
•    Skirts are very popular this season and women are wearing them in all lengths, patterns and styles. The shirt fitted skirt, the long fitted skirt, the short flared skirt and the long flared skirt are all popular. Also the 50’s style skirt has got an edgy 2014 makeover and is a trendy clothing item today.
•    In the Fall season, women are mixing darker colors with vibrant colors of summer in the street style fashions. Dresses, leggings, skirts, jackets and tops in this style have been seen worn by Fashionista’s and celebrities as every day wear.
•    Color blocking, geometrical designs and prints, tribal designs and ethnic patterns are very popular as every day wear nowadays. Vibrant floral prints with dark backgrounds are seen as a major print in the Fall season this year.
•    Leather has come back into fashion this year. Black leather jackets, leather skirts and leather accessories are very cool street style fashions in 2014. Also metallic buttons and embellishments like the retro fashion of the 80’s is trendy this year.
•    High boots, ankle length boots and calf length boots are all in fashion and perfect for the season.
•    Plaid is definitely in fashion and it is seen in skirts, shirts and also leggings in different Fall colors this year.
•    This season the theme is to make nice feminine fashions a little edgy and cool. So there is a lot of mixing and matching of classic fashions to create the fashion of the season. Also lots of retro fashions have been given a makeover in 2014 to look modern and cool.
Street style should be stylish yet completely effortless so that it looks trendy and cool.

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