Street Style Trends

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The trend that emerges on the streets often inspires us. It’s important to take in the trends in the streets as they provide a glimpse into the latest trends to wear this summer. Fashion weeks around the world capture these street style trends. These show goers of Fashion Weeks have adopted many of the street style trends like pops of color, standout prints and flashes of metallic from the runway this season. You can get inspired to wear trends from sweatshirts to pajama dressing, plaids, furry accents, pencil skirts, statement jewels and sneakers all major trends that have emerged this season and can be called “street style trends” this season. Street Style Trends of the Season •    The ever changing New York weather has given an opportunity for some street style magic to try out the versatile coats, layered Jackets and much more to adapt fashionably to the transition from cold to warmer weather outfits. The 90’s retro look is “in” this season and the most effortlessly feminine tomboy look wearing faded Jeans, oversized blazer, nude heels and a stylish bag and to top it tousled hair brings back memories of 90’s. The festival goers are sporting some breathtakingly good outfits from floral print dresses to teeny tiny short shorts. •    The trends that are spotted on streets this season include sweatshirts with slogans, doodles and even ironic Disney characters imprinted on them. All forms of embellishment from delicate to demure on collars, tops, skirts which looked very ladylike are in fashion on the streets this summer. Red seems to be the favorite color making appearance on Jackets and accessories to add punch to any ensemble. •    Unique pieces like the simple American uniform of blue Jeans, warming knits and sturdy boots are truly a street style fashion this summer. Colorful dark neon blazer, printed short dresses and slim belts are helping women transform their look this season. •    During the hot and humid days of summer women like to wear something cool that will look cute and comfortable. Many women are seen sporting comfortable yet edgy looks this season on the streets, beaches and at casual events. •    As mentioned street Style is popular among everyone but it does not stop on the streets. It’s heading straight on the beach. The elements popular in street wear are also found in gorgeous bikinis this season. Prints, Neon colors and stripes are particular street trends that are popular in swimwear this season.

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