Stripes – A Cool Trend this Season

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For this season the new groove is all about stripes in any color, size and direction. When paired with the right pieces stripes can really enhance your figure and make you look great. Stripes are the headline trend for many designers this summer. This season the designers are mixing thin and wide stripes with floral to match the outfit. Stripes can make you look smart and stand out in a crowd. They can also be intimidating, bold and difficult to wear. Some people fear that horizontal stripes make you look wider and add extra few pounds to your shape. You can try diagonal or vertical stripes which will give you a slimmer and taller look. And you can also try pin stripes at first and then work your way to wider stripes. Pinstripes do look good on casual wear for shorts and trousers. One bright color stripe with a neutral color stripe always looks fantastic.strips trend Seasons Stripes Stripes have undergone a makeover this season. There is a right way and a wrong way to include stripes in your style and they do not flatter every figure. They now come in multiple colors on the same dress or top which is artfully designed with color blocks and in bold shades. Always remember that horizontal stripes should be worn in V-necks, Off- the-shoulder or tank style outfits so that you can see where the stripes end and the body starts. Neon Stripes Stripes and Neon’s are the hottest trends this season and they look best when they are worn casually. The neon stripe is a huge trend this fashion season from blazers to sweaters to shoes. Neon’s are already eye-grabbing and when you mix a stripe it becomes more attractive. You can wear a striped top with a pair of your favorite Jeans or a skirt. The colorful striped skirt-dresses of the season makes you look chic and smart.  A striped Jacket with a plain matching shirt, shorts or trousers will give a versatile look. Stripes do not have to be limited to white and black. This is a perfect season to experiment with more vibrant colorful trends in stripes. Striped Accessories You can match your neutral striped backpack along with plain clothes. Shoes, belts, handbags, clutches, hair bands and other accessories with striped designs add a new dimension to the ensemble. But no matter how you wear your stripes, make sure you wear the correct type of stripes which will suit your body type and also look great.

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