Stunning Holiday Hair Ideas

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Holiday season is a fun time of the year when you visit your friends and family often and also attend a lot of parties and occasions where you need to look your best. Hair plays a very important role in having a stylish look in the holiday season. A bad hairstyle or untidy and unkempt hair can ruin the entire look. This holiday season there are some trendy and fun hairstyles that look super stylish and make the look shine in the holiday season. The following are some of the stylish holiday hair ideas for special holiday occasions in 2014: Holiday Hairstyles 2014 •    The stunning long hair cut in layers and styled in stylish waves is a hairstyle that looks effortless yet it look super glamourous. It is easy to manage, looks good on different types of hair textures and colors and is a fantastic holiday hairstyle. •    The side-do is a great idea for a party or a semi-formal occasion. It looks really sleek and stylish if paired with some nice makeup especially a really good lipstick. •    Old Hollywood inspired curls and waves which can be set in a stylish way are very popular this year. The great Gatzby inspired 1920’s hairstyles are a great idea for the holiday parties of 2014. •    Braids are totally “in” this year and so having a braid as a holiday hairstyle makes a lot of sense. There are different types of braided hairstyles that you can try that suits your outfit. Fishtail braids, French braids, Waterfall braids, Milkmaid braids are all very cool this season and you can chose whichever looks good on you. •    The high pony and the top knot are also fabulous hairstyles in this fashion season. The high pony is a very easy hairstyle to use and also look really cute yet chic and stylish in the holiday season. A completely sleek and chic look is pulling all your hair back into a top knot. The top knot is hairstyle that is easy to handle and looks amazing with the party dresses. •    Styled waves that are set in a way that they do not look messy or unkempt look fabulous. This hairstyle particularly looks really amazing with long hair. •    Holiday season is a great time to experiment with hair color and try fun hairstyles. Chose a color that suits your skin tone and texture of hair so that it looks amazing with the hairstyle. These are some of the trendy hair styles you can try this holiday season to look fabulous.

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