Stunning Pair of Heels – The Cinderella Effect

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The latest Disney movie Cinderella has enthralled audiences worldwide especially women from the age of all ages. Cinderella is a classic fairytale about a girl finding her prince and her happily ever after. The story has been told numerous times in past as it is a favorite subject for movies, children’s fairytales and even plays. It has also had quite an effect on the fashion world. The beautiful glass slippers that play an important role in the story are absolutely stunning. Cinderella’s shoes have been an inspiration for top designers worldwide. The following are styles in heels and stilettoes that showcase the Cinderella effect: The Cinderella Effect in Shoes •    Cinderella is a story that has been a favorite of many all over the world. The glass slippers of Cinderella when she goes to the ball to meet her prince are a classic inspiration for stylish heels. •    Taking inspiration from the glittery glass heels of Cinderella, some gorgeous fashion trends in high heels have become popular all over the world. •    Shimmery high heels in gold and silver with glittering embellishments have become very trendy. Embellishment designs in shiny silvery colors like large butterfly embellishments, floral embellishments and large bow type designs on heels are very much in vogue this fashion season. These embellishments are often made of Swarovski crystals and look absolutely stunning. •    The Cinderella style high heel stilettoes with at least a three inch pointed heel are very popular. Cinderella had glass heels, so see through heels made with see through fabric and design are very popular. •    One designer also took the Cinderella style shoe and gave it a stylish twist by creating a see through boot style high heels in silver that made Cinderella’s shoes more modern and cool. •    The essentials for a Cinderella style high heels shoes include shimmery textures and designs, great crystal embellishments and a stylish color. Generally these shoes are available in colors like beige, white, gold and silver, though some designers have added an element of black and dark blue to give the shoes a more midnight look. Cinderella is classic fairytale and these shoes inspired by the glass shoes that are so important to the story are also like fairytales. Though the stylish versions of Cinderella’s glass slipper designed by top international designer cost a lot of money, we can take inspiration from the designs and look for similar styles at local stores which most probably will not be very expensive.

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