Stylish Boots of the Season

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Fall/Winter is a season where it gets windy, cold and snowy. At the best of times there is a gentle breeze and a nip in the air and at the first of times there is heavy snow. But just because the weather is tricky does not mean that women cannot stay stylish. Staying stylish and chic while protecting ourselves from the harsh climates is what this season is all about. One of the key trends of the Fall/Winter season is wearing the appropriate yet stylish footwear. Boots are classic and they look super stylish if worn according to the trend in the right way. There are different types of boots that have become really chic this fashion season and they make the whole outfit look amazing and also keep the feet and legs warm. The following are some of the boots that are super stylish this Fall/Winter season. Stylish Boots of the Fall/Winter Season •    A style that has become really popular this season is ankle boots. Ankle boots as the name suggest are boots up to the ankles, sometimes with zips or strings or straps. Ankle boots are popular in fabrics like leather and swede and can be worn in different colors of fall. Black leather ankle boots are very popular as they are a classic but so are ankle boots in colors like burnt orange, red, grey and brown. Ankle boots are popular in heels as well as flats and look good with fitted pants, short dresses and short skirts and tops. •    Calf length boots are also very trendy and cute as they look amazing with dresses and skirts-blouse type outfits. Grey, brown and red are great colors choices for this type of boots. Flat calf length boots are popular though one can wear calf length boots with heels as well. •    A super stylish type of boots design is the knee length or just above the knee length boots. They look good with short skirts and short dresses. Again both heels as well as flats are trendy in this style and the colors in vogue for this trend are black, grey, red, brown, beige and many of the darker shades of colors. •    The just above the knee length boots look fabulous with a short dress or a short outfit but one must be careful while choosing an outfit with this style of boots. If not chosen correctly the ensemble can look tacky. Boots are majorly in fashion this season and the above are some of the popular types of boots this fashion season.

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