Stylish Eye Wear for All Seasons

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Sunglasses and spectacles are often worn by people all over the world. Sunglasses protect the eyes against the harsh rays of the sun and also from rain, wind and other elements of nature. Spectacles are worn by farsighted and nearsighted people mainly to correct their vision. These glasses are necessities of life but that does not mean they cannot become extremely stylish. Trends in designs of sunglasses and spectacles keep changing and women wear different types of sunglasses and specs depending on the fashion of the season. The following are some of the popular types of sunglasses and spectacles in 2015 for different seasons: Stylish Eye Wear Sunglasses •    The classic aviator style and wayfarer style of sunglasses is very popular especially in the spring/summer season of 2015. It looks great for a day event like a brunch or a day by the beach or on a boat. They look super stylish and can be worn with modern style dresses, tops, skirts and pants. Black is the most popular color of the frames though colors like white and brown are also popular. •    A super stylish trend that is totally in vogue is the oversized sunglasses for women. Black, brown, pink and white are trendy colors for frames though colors like blue, red and even multicolored sunglass frames look stylish. For the lenses, tinted colors like brown and pink make sense. Oversized sunglasses are stylish and work well in spring/ summer and fall/winter months. •    Some retro styles of sunglasses have become very much in vogue this year. The oval shaped sunglasses that became popular in the 1970’s and the aviator style sunglasses with metallic frames are the retro fashions in frames popular in 2015. The cat-eye style frames are also another retro style fashion popular in 2015. Spectacles •    In spectacles, metallic frames, plastic and rubber type frames and also frameless eyewear are all in fashion. Thick black frames from the retro styles in thin rectangular designs are all stylish this season. •    Multicolored frames and frames in cool colors like red, maroon, pink, blue, green and white are all trendy this season. •    When it comes to shapes of the spectacles, rectangle, square, oval and round are all popular depending on personal styles. Sunglasses and spectacles are super useful and can be made into stylish accessories that bring style to the outfit and look, if worn in the right way. As mentioned above there are many types of these eye wear that are in fashion.

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