Stylish Handbags 2013

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A Handbag is and will always be a woman’s favorite fashion accessory. This is the main reason why handbags are forever the top selling accessories in the fashion industry. An expensive designer handbag is become a status symbol for every woman whether she is a working woman, a mother, a wife or a single woman. There are a variety of handbags in attractive colors to choose from the spring/summer collection of 2013. Handbags Colors The hottest colors which are showing this season are shinny metallic silver, classic taupe which are in a different shades altogether. The big trend is for the age old Pastels and especially the Pink available in all trendy shades this summer. Also the bright color of orange and green are seen in neon shades which are very popular this season. When choosing a handbag certain aspects like the color, the material and the size are important. Handbags Styles The popular styles in 2013 which are trendy are tote, gaucho and saddle bag. But the new trend which every girl would like to follow is the Boxy style handbag. This is the latest style in bags that is very square and just like a box in shape. The new collection of boxy shape bags are very chic and liked by all. They can carry both formal and casual look for a girl. Another very useful type of bag which every woman possesses is the all time favorite Clutch bag. The popular clutch handbag styles are little different this summer. This season they are designed bigger and the look is classic. Designer Handbags Expensive designer handbags will always be a dream collection for all women all over the planet. This ultimate fashion accessory is on the top in the list for handbags in the fashion industry. You will probably prefer wearing a unique designer handbag if you are fashion conscious. The newest trends in designer handbags from designers like Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuittons etc. have proved to be classic for the new season in 2013. A Birkin designer handbag is a wealth symbol and women always look super stylish carrying this expensive bag with the right ensemble. Handbag is an extension of our personality. It does give an impression of the type of person we are and whether we know how to follow the fashion trends of the season. So all the stylish women of 2013 can go buy their perfect handbag this season.

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