Stylish One Shoulder Dresses

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Asymmetrical neckline is a stylish fashion and there are many fashion options that it adds to the wardrobe. One shoulder dresses and clothing items are quite fashionable, a must have in any fashion forward woman’s closet. They make you look stylish without putting too much effort into accessories and are also very trendy in 2014. The following are some one shoulder dress ideas that are very much in vogue: Stylish One Shoulder Dresses: •    When one thinks of one shoulder dresses, one of the first types of dresses that come to the mind is the beautiful Grecian dresses. Whether it is a nice short dress or a flowing Grecian long dress, it looks truly spectacular with the one shoulder design. A nice waist band with the dress completes a truly epic look. Match this look with high heels and nice pearls and metallic accessories which go well with this amazing look. •    Lace dresses are adorable and chic at the same time. One shoulder lace dress with an asymmetrical pattern with one long lacey sleeve is totally hip and super stylish. Lace and silk are a great combination of fabric that can be used in one shoulder dresses in attractive hues. •    There are many patterns in short one shoulder dresses that can be very stylish if worn right. Short dresses with tight fitted skirts and also with flared skirts are both popular in this fashion category. One shoulder peplum dresses and also short dress with a large frill on the neckline look really pretty. •    Pastels, blacks and whites are great colors for one shoulder dresses. Pinks, reds and blues also look really good in this type of fashion. Shaded dresses also have their own charm. For example, nice shade of pink in one shoulder dresses is a perfect style for the summer months. •    Geometrical designs and patterns as well as ethnic designs and tribal prints are very popular over the last year. Wearing one shoulder dresses with these prints adds to the style quotient of the season. •    Polka dots and floral prints go well with the trends of the summer season and make one shoulder dresses look very stylish. •    When you choose a belt or waistband for the dresses make sure you wear the accessory according to the overall look. Shiny and glitter belts or waistbands look awesome with Grecian type one shoulder dresses especially for evening party wear. •    Stylish one shoulder tops with miniskirts look really sexy for this summer season which makes you look smart and trendy.

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