Summer Beachwear 2014

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Summer is the best season for heading to the beach and enjoying a great beach party. Swimming or just playing in the water and enjoying the beautiful waves that hit the coast is simply an amazing treat. Summer months are perfect to hit the beaches as the weather is much milder and you can enjoy a nice day at the beach. Every summer there are new fashions that become very popular in beach wear. In 2014 also there are some truly epic beachwear fashions that make you look super fashionable on the beach. The following are some of the beachwear fashions of the summer of 2014:Beachwear Summer Beachwear Fashions 2014: •    This year beachwear is all about color. Wearing different shades of various colors is in vogue this season and this includes both lighter and brighter colors as well as darker shades of colors. •    It is all about having different patterns as prints on swimwear this season. Tribal prints and ethnic inspired designs and prints are very fashionable this season. •    One piece swimsuits, monokinis and bikinis are all trendy this season. Another cool trend in beach wear is the tankini. •    A perfect color combination to try out this summer is black and white. The combination looks stylish and chic and is very popular this fashion season. Black and white horizontal stripes match the popularity of horizontal stripes in everyday fashion wear this season. •    In beachwear frills are back in fashion. A gorgeous frill on the bikini looks wonderful as beachwear. Also having numerous strings in the bikini or monokini or even in the one piece swim suit is in vogue in 2014. •    Multicolored beachwear especially in summer prints like floral and geometrical designs is in vogue this season. •    Another popular print fashionable in beachwear this season is leopard prints in various different colors. •    One shoulder swimwear and also bikinis and one-piece swim suits with halter tops is totally cool in this season. •    Overly large hats look really good on the beach and help you stop excessive tanning from the sun on the beach. Crochet bathing suit cover-ups are super dressy beachwear clothing choices this summer. •    Colorful and flowing swimsuit cover-ups in bohemian chic designs are classy choices for the beach. Wear waterproof light makeup on the beach or a runny makeup will totally spoil the beach look. •    Wear a stylish pair of designer sunglasses that go well with the beachwear outfit and a short shorts looks really cute as beachwear and work well as a swimsuit cover-up with a nice colorful tank top.

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