Summer eye makeup tips

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Summer is the most trending time of the year when makeup, fashion and enjoyment is at the peak. People like to be relaxed and carefree when it comes to summers. The beach, the sunsets, the parties and the fashion, it is all just so amazing. Girls in summers like to be more trending and stylish and makeup is an essential part of it all. Summer make up is extravagant and vibrant and that is what makes it so much more fun.

Eye makeup in summers is essential for some bling in fashion.

Here are a few eye makeup tips that make your summer more vibrant and fun.

1. Conceal it first- Concealer plays a very important role in eye makeup. Concealer should be applied first and plays a major role in your eye makeup. Try using your fingers instead of a brush for better and maximum coverage because this way you won’t be wasting any of your products on the brushes and the sponges.

2. Bronze all the way- Bronzer works like magic on your skin. Bronzer helps in highlighting those points of your skin where sun hits the most. Powder bronzers are the best and easiest to use. Use bronzers mainly on your cheeks, eyebrows, forehead and nose to highlight them better.

3. Vibrant is in- Summer is the time where the most vibrant thing will also not look bad. Brighter colors make you look younger and also bring a glow on your face. Aside from the normal nude now is the time to opt for colors like bright yellow, pink or even neon. Nothing goes wrong in summers.

4. Use waterproof makeup- Summer is the best time for makeup but it is the worst as well because it’s a lot sweaty. Don’t sweat it out. Use waterproof primers and foundations and good quality eye shadow palettes so that your face won’t sweat much and your makeup will stay intact.

5. White shadow first- It is important to apply the white eye shadow first because it is the secret to bigger eyes. Apply it all over the eyes and then apply the eye shadow of your choice. The white shadow will highlight your eyes and make them look bigger and beautiful.
The eye shadow tips mentioned above will make your eyes look more beautiful and will be very helpful especially for the beginners. Makeup is beautiful so make good use of it.


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