Summer fashion guide

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Summer is everybody’s favorite. There is a whole different vibe of fun and enjoyment in summers and that is why it’s an all time favorite for all. Summer has its cons as well like sweating all the time without any reason. There are many tips and tricks by which summer season can be very relaxing and free of extreme sweat. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Fashion Guide
1. Go loose- Please pity yourself and go loose. Instead of wearing all locked and tight fitted clothes, wear loose clothing. This will give you more space to take in some air and will even allow your body to relax and breath through your summer wear

2. Light fabric is your best friend- summer is the season to relax and enjoy and that is when you want your body to do the same. Wear light and breathable fabric clothing like cotton. This helps in keeping you relaxed and cool all day long. Avoid heavy embroideries or any heavy material.

3. Wear clean and fresh- It’s not just you who needs to be fresh and clean all the time. It is very important that you wear clean clothes all the time. This will keep you cooler for a longer period of time. Re wearing the already worn clothes can you make you feel uncomfortable because they have already absorbed lots of dirt, dead cells and sweat which is harmful for your skin.

4. Keep yourself hydrated- the only and best way to survive in harsh summers is by keeping yourself well hydrated. Proper intake of water is a daily need of your body and it should be fulfilled. If you want to turn harsh summers into sparkling summers then good intake of water every day is your key to it.

5. Avoid sunlight– direct sunlight can be very irritating for you. It can even lead to pimples and acne because of the excessive sweating. Try using an umbrella or even a nice and soft little scarf. Scarf can be a great way of absorbing up all the extra sweat on your neck and its presence will keep your neck cooler.Summer Clothes

Summers can be more fun if you are not feeling irritated all the time and for that the above mentioned steps can be very helpful. Wear bright and light shades as they absorb less heat as compared to dark shades and always wear a sunscreen.

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