Summer Shoes: What’s Hot in 2013?

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New season starts with a new excuse to shop and shoe shopping is a lot of fun. Every season the trends for shoes keep changing. The colors, the patterns and the heels are different in each season. The spring/summer collection in shoe trends in 2013 was also very spectacular. Most women are in love with shoes and have a collection of various types of stylish shoes in their closet. There are so many type of shoes one needs like house shoes, party shoes, sandals, dress shoes, sports shoes, flat shoes and shoes with heels. You have to buy shoes for every event or dress accordingly to make sure that they look trendy. Summer Shoes: What’s Hot in 2013? Let’s see what is very popular this season on shoe front. Sandals: This season sandals are in style and particularly strappy sandals are very much in fashion today. Straps that are all around the foot till the ankle are super cute and sexy depending on the outfit you are wearing. Some of the boots are also getting strappy makeovers this season. Pumps: Pumps are also seen in fashion as they can be worn from work to evening and can be comfortable too. Pumps are an alternative to sky high heels that are not comfortable to everyone. They look sexy and are not dangerous to walk with as compared to sky high heels. Platform pumps are very lady like and are season’s best footwear. Wedges: This year wedges are making a big comeback. Like heels, wedges are fit for all occasions. Buy chic wedge shoes to match your outfits as they are stable, comfortable and give you a good height. You are going to see them a lot this season particularly in shades of red color. You can wear them with shorts, capris, jeans, skirts and dresses. Flats: Flat shoes are getting more interesting this season 0f 2013. These fabulous flats can be as exciting as heeled shoes because there is plenty to choose from like the prints, colors and metallics.  Select new ballet flat shoes that are comfortable, arty and also trendy in design. Since many of you will wear flat shoes often, always invest in a good pair of shoes you love. Print and patterned shoes are popular this season especially floral prints and prints with stripes on shoes. This year the trend for bright colorful shoes is noticed once again. Some shoes are sexy while others are comfortable, so you make a choice of what type of shoes are hot for you in this season.

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