Summer Trend : Short Shorts

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ShortsWhen the sun is shining bright, the flowers are blooming in rainbow colors and the birds are chirping melodiously, this can only mean that summer is here and so are summer trends. To keep you cool in the months of summer, short shorts are the key item. In this season Celebrities are seen wearing short shorts whether they are on the stage or away on the sidewalk. The denim short shorts are seen rocking the trend nonstop in 2013. Everything from itsy bitsy tiny mini shorts to different lengths and styles to choose from seems to be popular among teenagers this season. Trends in Short Shorts •    When you look around you will probably notice the biggest trend of short shorts this summer of 2013. You will see them in all the stores, on the streets and on the beaches. Various patterns of short-shorts in denim, lace and mixed patterns are popular among the fashion conscious women. •    The reason the short shorts are popular is because they look very sexy and obviously show off your gorgeous legs. If you wear them at night they are a sexy alternative to a short skirt. If you combine and wear them with a blazer you have a chic mini suit combo. •    Short shorts or hotpants are a summer trend that is adaptable, versatile and can be dressed up to suit any occasion. As the weather gets warmer one of the best choices for everyone is denim short shorts to cool off this summer. Denim shorts have made another comeback this summer with a variety of styles and designs. Cute denim embroidered short shorts which can be worn for a party or casual wear according to your choice. You can show off your summer tan with bright neon colored short shorts worn with an understated top to give a special look. •    Picking the perfect pair of short shorts begins with finding the most flattering fit for your body type. Different lengths suit different type of bodies. Also the fabric plays a role in short shorts, for party wear use silk, satin or wool and for everyday wear denim, linen or cotton will be comfortable for summer. But when it comes down to it, short shorts can be added to your wardrobe as long as they look good and feel good on your body. So flaunt your legs in style this season with short shorts.

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