Super Five Fashion Commitments for Woman

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I feel like a fashion myth breaker while writing about fashion commitments but reckon me on these five super commitments and you’ll never go wrong. I don’t wish to repeat the old stories of LBD’s and crisp white shirts with blue jeans or shiny red heels, that’s no more a suggestion but a necessity that’s locked in.  I would like to share the basic “haves” not only for your wardrobe but for your personality too! 1. Know Your Space and Budget: I know the hue and cry over the bulging out wardrobe, over lapping shoe rack and crowded vanity case. Know your space and buy things per se. Always know why, how much and what you already have, simplify your closet and this will keep the shelf life long. Throw what you haven’t wore in the past one year, dump the brushes that look like withered fox fur, check your make up expiry dates and garbage non-reparable shoes. Don’t let the emotional attachment towards your clothes and accessories make your pocket empty! 2. Add Bright Colors: Go for brighter hues, it’s a good change on a dull day and also a mood blinker. Break the old trend of going for calmer hues as you age, I would be excited to see a nice bright pink on a smart old lady, because she conquered the fear of color. Such fashion taste inspires me as it lifts up fashion followers to improved standards. Why not accessories brightly with orange, cherry red, yellow, blue, pink-peaches, purples, shimmer, etc.  I agree that blacks and whites are forever, there is no age and season to beat them but accessorizing in striking colors adds charm. 3. Its ok to “let it loose”: You don’t have to remain “ready” all the time. It’s ok and definitely not untidy to wear a loose tee and shorts, take an off from your makeup routine. Go in chappals, tie your hair with trendy shades, sometimes it’s a safe bet and let you feel free. It’s important to remain fit and fresh, no expert can makeup your “fitness”. Give rest to your skin and body and feel confident about it, your attitude makes you stylish. 4. Have Space for Nude Class and Simple Accessory: When in doubt, select nude shades. Go for nude hues in heels, summer dresses or even coats. It’s a smart color choice. It’s very vintage and yet modern to deck up in nude color heels, enamels or shiny nude color dress/skirt.  It’s not dull when you glam it up a nice bright accessory or vice versa. I find them a neat choice. Also simple studs, blue denims, black jeggings and a pack of graphic tees, have space for all this in your wardrobe, 5. Show the skin right way: Too sexy is not fashionable. Go for the right cuts in your dresses, If a sporty body type flaunt your shoulders, the hour glass can go for  side slit, little bulgy shall find comfort in knee length tunics. Know your body type and also your good body areas, like long legs, slim arms, nice shoulders, well shaped back or tummy. Exhibit your skin in an elegant manner as there is a thin wall between sexy and vulgar! A diagonal cut hints class for a woman, somebody who knows what not to show also the deep side slit gowns is fun, trendy and a party rave. If opting for off shoulder, transparent tops or mini dresses, make sure you have the right attitude to carry it and don be discomforted by the glaring attention. Do it right and as I always say less fashion commitments for woman are always good and more!

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