Sweat Out In Style

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It’s good to workout, to be a regular at gym and it’s even better if you do it in style. I myself am a gym person and prefer to look and carry my gym gear in good style. To pump up iron and run miles with sweat and energy is a very enduring routine and there is always good fashion tricks to keep looking good and comfortable in gym. A shabby look with dull energy doesn’t even excite you to get onto the machines and hit some calories. Thus put some thought onto your everyday gym fashion too. Now it’s a universal truth that loose clothing won’t make you look any slimmer, same rules applies to gym. A strict advice to both men and women, never opt for big size shirts and track pants.  Loose clothing makes you look fuller, still drowsy and you will be having full threat of tripping or tangling in spring machines. Style you hair in braids, neat pony tails or a casual bun, try different head bands, colourful hair pins and more. You will look very smart and cool.  Go for nice bright colours and not only grey-blacks! Fetching some fashion news from the international circuit, neon colour sports accessories like shoes, bottles, bands, etc. and even clothing range which is a hot seller, trendy and wearable. Deck up your body with a good fragrance and minimal make is always the perfect make up containing your gloss and hydrating lotion. Gym is a hard core centre to give in all the strength and I always prefer to do everything in style, even work outs but never over rate your gym. There is a thin line between looking good and vulgar, you don’t really mind many eyeballs inclined towards you every time you workout, but a routine of which is discomforting and curtail your health routine. Dress in your size and appropriate especially for young girls and plus size women, even for men who wear bermudas too short in length are a big fashion nuisance. Always carry your gym kit and keep it stylish in trendy colours and cool stuff as per daily requirements, I carry a candy pink gym bag and it’s an envy to many. Once you look good and feel comfortable on the outside, It increases your confidence to burn those calories like a storm.

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