Swimsuit according to your body type

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Everybody loves summer. It is the season of beach parties and pool parties. Bikinis and swimsuits are very commonly worn in this season. Now the fashion industry has a swim suit for every body type. Be it lean, busty or any other sort they have a swim suit for you.

But before buying a swimsuit you need to analyze that on what basis are you going to buy the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

Here are a few points that can help you in deciding the perfect type of swimsuit for your body type.

1. Busty Chest- Girls having bigger chests should never resort to very light weight bikinis or swim suits with straps. Swim suits with under wiring and big cup sizes are your best friend because they will give you the support that you need. Also if you want strapped swim suits then make sure the straps are strong and big enough to give you enough support.

2. Small chest- If you have a really smaller chest then you should opt for swim suits with some ruffles and embellishments so that an illusion of a bigger chest can be made to make your figure look better. You can even opt for swim suits with padding so that you will be comfortable all the time and your chest won’t look too small as well.

3. Broad shoulders- If you have broad shoulders and you want to remove the attention from there then you can do a few things. Opt for a dark colored swimsuit with floral panels on each side as it will give your shape an hourglass feel or you can even go for one shouldered swimsuit. The one shoulder should have some ruffle or something to draw the attention away from your other shoulder.

4. Athletic body- The main aim is to make your figure look curvy so go for floral prints and bright colors. Wear padded bikini to look curvy and less athletic.

5. Love handles- If you have love handles then you would definitely not want to show them off. Wear a high wasted bottom swimsuit which would go above your belly. This will lift your excess tummy fat upwards thus making you look slimmer.

Swimsuits become a necessity when it comes to summers and knowing just the right type of swimsuit for you is very important because you would definitely not want to look fatty in it.

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