Swimsuit Fashions 2014

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Swimsuit fashions change every year as, new fashions emerge that look more trendy than the existing fashions of the previous years. Also after a long winter, it is fun to wear new swimwear and hit the beaches in the spring summer fashion months. In 2014 also there have been many new fashion trends that women are following in swimwear fashion. The following are some examples of swimsuit fashion in 2014: Swimsuit Fashions 2014 •    Bold colors are in fashion this season along with black and white. So swimsuits with bright colors will be very fashionable this spring. •    Floral prints are popular in different types of spring/summer wear this season and this is true even for swimsuits. Beautiful floral designs in both bright and dark colors are popular in swimsuits in 2014. •    Graphic prints in bold colors and ethnic designs make the bikini, monokini or one-piece swimsuit look appealing and amazing to wear on the beach or by the pool. •    Another fashion that is doing very well this season is patterns that depict nature which look really cute and also very modern this season. •    Bikinis with high waist bottoms like the retro bikinis have come back in fashion this season. They suit a wide variety of body types and also look stylish and chic at the same time. •    Also bandeau swimsuits are again very popular this season. The bandeau type of neckline is popular in one-pieces, bikini and monokini type of swimwear in 2014. •    Stripes is another fashion in swimwear that is very popular with women. Besides the classic black and white stripes, multicolored stripes are also very popular this season. •    Bikinis with halter necklines are traditionally very popular and this trend continuous this season as well. •    Crochet is another fabric type in swimwear that has become popular this season. Besides leopard print and tribal prints are very popular with women for beachwear this season. •    Also another fashion is to wear swim costumes that have a single color or two colors. Black and white go well together and also swimwear with one bright color like red, orange or yellow looks really trendy this fashion season. An important tip is to wear swimwear that suits your body type. Also following the latest trends will make you look fashionable on the beach or at a pool party this spring/summer season. Spring/summer is a fun time and wearing chic swimsuits adds to the charm of the season.

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