T-shirt 2013 Simple Ideas

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T-shirt 2013 trend comes in simple ideas such as writing unique phrases, adding meaningful symbol, or adding your portrait to make the T-shirt personal. With these simple ideas, you can design your T-shirt yourself without spending much money. What you need to do is just to buy a simple T-shirt and think about which idea that you want to apply to design your plain T-shirt.

The easiest idea is to find your favorite quote and write it down on your T-shirt 2013. After you determine certain phrases that sound really you, print it on a sheet of paper in a large font. Lay the paper underneath the T-shirt. Use a fabric-safe market to trace the phrase.

Creative people are fond of to make their own symbol and put the symbol on their T-shirt. This will be a brilliant idea of T-shirt 2013. If you don’t have any personal logo, a logo of your favorite rock band can be used too. The steps to apply the symbol on the T-shirt are just the same as applying the phrase above. If you are good at drawing, you can draw directly on the T-shirt.

Nowadays, there is also a popular idea of T-shirt 2013 in which you can print any portrait on the T-shirt.

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